What exactly is a remote shoot?


    A Remote Shoot is a photoshoot done entirely virtual with the model & photographer in separate venues. 

    The model must have her own equipment; preferably a DSLR camera, laptop/computer, a tethering software, a teleconferencing service such as Zoom or Google hangouts, and a strong internet connection.

    The photographer, in my case, must already have or download Zoom and log in using the link I provide to them in the days leading up to the shoot.

     Once on Zoom together I will use the screen sharing function, allowing you to remotely control tethering software Canon EOS Utility through my laptop.

    (You do not need Canon EOS Utility on your computer as in essence we will be using my computers functions during the shoot) 

    The images are saved to the model's drive and upon completion of the shoot she sends the raw files in a Dropbox folder to the photographer.


    How It Works

    Software Assistance

    First things first; the camera, the remote control of it, & the software allowing you to do so. 

    Throughout the shoot we choose our backgrounds and locations and place my Canon 5DS & lens of choice onto a tripod, then we adjust all of our settings and dials using Canon EOS Utility a tethering program that is very simple to use from your end. We show you exactly how to maneuver your tools if it will be your first shoot. And give you a refresher on our set up if it is not.

    I 'screen share' my laptop with you over Zoom making it so you have control and that is also where we will communicate throughout. On the program you will see a live view of exactly what the camera is seeing, therein the live view you will focus on my face using the auto face tracker or drag your manual focus tool over your focal point.

    We will teach anyone who has not used this software the ins, outs, and shortcuts.

    We, yes we, I have an assistant who is a brilliant photographic technical director.

    He has been a photographer for 25 years and using the island light we have available to us at our location for 15 years. He will be helping me move the setups to our location making for a very fast transition and wardrobe change period.


    Locations and Rates

    We offer our remote shoots out of our beautiful two homes on the island of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos and in our 30th floor downtown Miami apartment.

    We offer off-wifi beach shoots using mobile & an app called Clos


    Fashion, Bikini, Lifestyle, Portrait - $100 Per Hour

    Lingerie, Boudoir, Artistic, & Glamour - $125 Per Hour 

    Minimum Shooting time is 2 hours

    Half day rates available, please inquire

    Booking and deposit

    For booking please inquire by email at

    Once our shoot in confirmed I do ask that you send a deposit of 50% at least one week prior to secure our time slot.

    Remote Photos By Francisco Castro & CS_Kabir


    Miami - 30th Floor


    Providenciales, Turks and Caicos


    My remote work has been published multiple times in Summers Magazine, Nyla, Boudoir Inspiration, & Fuse
    I'm happy to announce that we have successfully completed 100 of these shoots since April. 
    My Remote work with Glamour Seductive, a British Photographer based out of London has become part of two solely remotely shot Print Books.


    "Working with Makayla was a really great experience. She's organized, creative and fun. I'd worried that a remote shoot would be awkward and communication would be difficult over a video link. Wrong -- Makayla lights up the room and communicates ideas and nuances easily. It was a very fun shoot and the results are totally impressive, some of the best images I've had in months, years. No excuses necessary because we were remote. I'll definitelywork with her again -- maybe even in person someday -- but could an in-person shoot be as great as the remote one? Hahahhaa, she's changed my mind on that, Thanks Again, Makayla, you're super!"
    Image267, Lynn
    "I have shot with Makayla twice now in as many months remotely. I had seen she had shot remotely with another UK photographer as the current situation started to take hold around the world. Both times I have worked with her, she has been a joy to work with. Makayla offers up lots of choices of outfits, styles, location ideas and poses with need for very little direction. Working with both herself and Martin, we have created some awesome images during these limiting, but creative times. I look forward to working with Makayla again and hopefully one day in the future once it is safe for everyone to shoot with her in person too.
    Glamour Seductive, John
    "Did you really get through COVID if you didn't do a virtual shoot? Had a blast shooting with MakaylaD remotely using her tethered pro gear. She is not only adept at poses and stunning but incredibly patient answering questions and setting up gear and previewing locations. Can't wait to shoot with her again, be it remotely or on a trip when in-person shooting resumes. You owe it to yourself to shoot at least once with her!!"

    I am so happy that technology has allowed me to transition and continue modeling even within a pandemic...
    Please ask away with any of your questions following reading this post.